Street Royalty

Spring 2019 Capsule Collection

There is nothing more ubiquitous in France than that classic Louis the 18th “fauteuil” with it’s shiny baroque fabric. After spending hours in the most beautiful antique french markets and observing these “Fauteuil” waiting in vain for a new owner, it inspired us to make upholstery fabrics come alive: shaping and dancing with their owners instead of waiting for them. Mixing nobility with street cred, these gilded French renaissance fabrics are juxtaposed with the comfort of a trucker jacket, a parka or a hoodie.

If you would like to give one of these jackets a home, please email us directly.

Gilded Parka

The Street Royalty collection comes in 2 shapes, the first one being a parka. All parkas come with a hood, a draw string waist to add dimension and ample utility pockets. The Crimson Street Royalty Parka has a more cropped silhouette whereas the Gilded and Royal Blue versions come in a more standard length.

The second shape of the Street Royalty Capsule collection is a remix of the classic trucker jacket with front pleats and invisible front pockets making for a more sleek silhouette. This version also comes in Gilded (gold) Crimson (red) and Royal Blue.