Fall / Winter 2019

Explorer is like it’s name: an adventurous and nomadic collection that was developed during our various travels and projects around the world. Dance performances and costume design in countries such as Mexico, Italy, France and Sweden were a jumping off point for silhouettes and style. Fabrics were sourced in each city to give authentic flavor.

Please email us directly if one of these pieces strikes your fancy!

Explorer also weaves in inspiration from the city streets; pieces run the gamut from comfortable and every day (such as jean jackets or pants), to the limited edition and unique. Unconventional materials such as PVC, cork and industrial mesh have also been incorporated for maximum originality. Think of this as the wardrobe for a future human in an increasingly global world.

Left: Moon Biker Jacket, Right: Bolero Jacket

Sade Jacket

Street Utility Outfit

Mexitrench and Bleeding Heart Skirt

Cork Biker Jacket

The Street Utility Outfit (seen here) is a remix of the functional military khaki shirt and cargo pants with extra and oversize pockets. Seen below: The Rocky Heart Jacket and Pants revisits the baggy style of the naughtiest. The Moon Surfer Boiler Suit is a unisex piece inspired by motorsports that will have you ready for space tourism. Finally the Cork Biker jacket incorporates neoprene and actual cork pockets for a unique look.

Rocky Heart Jacket & Pants

Moon Surfer Boiler Suit

Cork Biker Jacket

The Moon Biker Jacket (seen here) is unisex and made of unique materials such as mesh and Neoprene. It has technical details such as a compass, safety pins, LED, a carabiner and a velcro band on the back allowing the wearer to be ready for any future scenario.

The letter A on the chest of the School Daze college style bomber jacket stands for Attitude, Aesthetic, Allure and Attractive. It has extra long sleeves with a clean modern cut. The Pink Panther Suit is a cheeky little number composed of basketball shorts and a sports jacket made of pink velour with a crimson satin lining. The Green Day jacket & pants bring back the late 90s with some attitude. The jacket has a trucker cut and the pants are ultra baggy.

School Daze Jacket

Pink Panther Suit

Green Day Jacket & Pants

The Heart of Darkness jacket and pants can be worn as separates or together for a fashion forward look. Both made of a gray and red tartan the jacket features a drawstring around the waist and the pants have  cinched waist but a baggy fit.

Most of these items are one of a kind. For inquiries please email us.