About us

FAAM Studio was born in 2017 from the confluence of Movement, Art, and Fashion.

Influenced by movement choreography and fashion, FAAM Studio believes in the relationship between the body, movement and garments. Our clothes shape our moves as fashion is our choreography and the street is our dance floor.

FAAM Studio’s vision is to break conventions. We believe in a more equal and sustainable world, and we express it throughout our collections: we only use recycled and upcycled fabrics, giving new lives to old garments and textiles, sourced and transformed by FAAM in Berlin. We aim towards environmentally attentive and minimum-waste techniques to raise awareness around conscious design.

FAAM Fashion label brings out unique pieces of clothing, and accessories, that blends fashion and movement. Each item has been carefully created to allow maximum movement and elegant flow so that the wearer can feel comfortable and empowered, while remaining authentic in any situation. Just like humans, our pieces are unique and often one of a kind. We draw inspiration from our various backgrounds and travels, mixing in international flavors from all continents. Also, given environmental concerns and the current state of the fashion industry, we will NOT “flood” the market with tons of product. Instead, we create small and capsule collections, real timeless pieces.

FAAM Expertise enables projects in the domains of creative direction, costume design, events and choreography. Projects have included working with cultural institutions such as the Cullbergballetten in Sweden in the domains of costume design and choreography; event conception for galleries such as C/O Berlin; video campaigns for Nike and movement consulting for Zalando.

Movement is so important to us, and to date has weaved its way through every project we undertake because Life is a choreography and the street is a catwalk

Our values

Sustainability is at the heart of FAAM Studio.

  • Quality over quantity: we always prioritize quality over quantity in our collections.
  • All our designs are 100% upcycled: we believe that the world is full of unused clothes, and we love giving them a second life.
  •  We source our clothes from Berlin and produce our collections 100% in our studio in Berlin Charlottenburg. They are all machine and hand sewn by us.
  • Lifestyle: In our communication, we promote an environmentally friendly and energy-saving lifestyle.

Inclusion is everything to us.

Inclusion is at the heart of the concept of our concept. Our collections transcend gender. We are represented by models of different ethnic backgrounds, different body shapes, different social environments, and different sexual orientations. The LGBTQIA+ communities find equal and intersectional space with FAAM Studio.


Stephane ‘Peeps’ Moun

Founder & Creative Director

Peeps is a French choreographer and creative director based in Berlin, Germany. It was on the streets of Paris in the early 2000s that he learned the art of hip hop dancing and then furthered his skills in New York City by learning House, Jazz and Tap. With roots from Cameroon, he also mixed in African moves which gave him an original urban twist. Thanks to his unique take on dance, he went on to win international competitions, judge battles worldwide and give workshops in cities on all continents. Peeps’ mastery of dance combined with his passion for fashion, pushed him into new domains as he took on projects in choreography, costume and fashion design, often in fields very different from Hip Hop and urban dance. He was the creative director for the fashion brand Belans Berlin from 2014 to 2016 and designer for the label A.Fatti in NYC, before going on to found FAAM.

He has designed the costumes and co-choreographed large scale performances around the globe, and provides his expertise in movement, art and fashion to help guide brands with video, events and photography.

Stephane ‘Peeps’ Moun