Jesus takes the wheel

Spring / Summer 2019

Inspired by childhood memories in Africa watching the colorfully adorned women go in and out of church: these clothes are more than a print on an outfit but a reflection of faith and hope. The Jesus Take the Wheel capsule collection is a reinterpretation of west African women’s Sunday Finest. Each garment has been made with love and care from fabrics sourced in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

If you would like to claim ownership of one of these unique pieces, please email us directly.

All of the FAAM pieces from the Jesus Take the Wheel collection are one of a kind. They are made of traditional cotton “wax” fabric printed with cheeky biblical themes.

Personal Jesus Parka

Half Man / Half Jesus Jacket

The Personal Jesus Parka has a relaxed fit and comes with four pockets: two in the front, two in the back. The Half Man Half Jesus jacket is a fun deconstruction of the classic Trucker jacket. The Sainthood Tracksuit is anything but basic and be worn as separates or together for maximum impact.

Sainthood Tracksuit

These are covetable pieces for the fashion innovators. Price availible upon request. Please email us if you are interested.